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      RVA Mag
      IN THE BLACK & WHITE: 018 - La Mere Vipere 

      Posted by pjsykes, Feb 16, 2010

      La Mere Vipere has just released their debut full length "Final Audit of Mammon" as a free download. The following photographs are from three of the many recording sessions with John Chambers at the Etching Tin during 2009.   more»

      Tombs, Winter Hours  (Relapse 2009)

      Tom Breihan, March 26, 2009

      Well, here's a sensation I don't get to experience much: Hearing a new metal album and wishing the songs were longer. Winter Hours, the second album from Brooklyn doom power-trio Tombs, arguably peaks with "Merrimack", an epically lacerating blast of animosity... more»

      Tickley Feather, Tickley Feather (Paw Tracks 2008)

      Joshua Love, May 7, 2008

      Tickley Feather's debut long-player opens with a small child's voice drawling, somewhat disconcertingly, "I've got magic inside my bones somewhere." Similar spoken snippets are scattered throughout the record, each centering around the words "bones" or "magic," or both. more»

      Alabama Thunderpussy,
      Open Fire (Relapse 2007)

      Greg Prato

      If you're looking for some nice, tidily packaged, Pro Tools smoothed over rock, then you've come to the wrong place, buster. But if it's greasy, high cholesterol heavy metal that you crave, then a heaping helping of Alabama Thunderpussy's 2007 release, Open Fire, should certainly hit the spot... more»

      Hex Machine, Run To Earth (Level Plane Records, Molsook Records 2008)

      Rob Parker, May 8, 2008

      On first listen, Hex Machine's sound is predominantly cobbled from various 90's noise and stoner rock acts. It's scrawled all across the EP: Haunted Doll Factory gives a few nods to David Yow's spastic vocalizing. The Jesus Lizard's brand of scuzzy, feeback laden guitarwork is notable throughout the EP,