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      John Chambers


      John Chambers started his recording career with a 4-track his Dad had purchased in 1988.  Already a musician and a songwriter he soon realized he could capture his own band recordings along with other victims.  While studying music at VCU he met Danial Lanois and was inspired to further his studies in recording at MTSU.  John also learned a great deal with John Morand (All analog; even the coffee) at the Sound of Music Studio as their first intern.  In 2003, he opened the doors to “The Etching Tin” teaming up with Richard Schellenberg and recording their first band Direct Control.

      John is well versed in recording and producing many different types of instruments and music.  As a guitar player and vocalist, John excels at pulling great performances and recordings from guitar players and singers.  John loves music and he loves the noise!

      John Chambers has worked with Hex Machine (Blueprint to Madness EP on Relapse Records, Run to Earth on Molshook Records), Tickley Feather (Hors D'oeuvre on Paw Tracks), La Mere Vipere, White Cross and about half of the CNP Records catalog!



      Richard Schellenberg


      Richard Schellenberg is an engineer, composer, arranger, musician and performer.  From using cassette tape, to 2" 16 track, to Adat, to  to DAWs, Richard has done it all.  An early love of deep psychedelic rock to hardcore punk, no wave, ambient, noise and doom metal; Richard is always pushing the boundaries.   He has continuously recorded and composed since he first formed bands with his siblings when he was 3.

      Richard has recently become Live Sound Engineer for WRIR.ORG, and has done over 100 projects in the last year. You can hear his work regularly on WRIR live or on their new Live Music Player (Click on In Studio Performances). Some people do things for money, others for fame, Richard does it for the love of the process.

      Richard Schellenberg has worked with countless artists including Afro Zen All Stars, Vacant Stairs, Lucky Stiffs, Don Babylon, Farm Vegas, Direct Control, Freak Train, Heavy Midgets, Sea of Storms, Channel 43, Hypercolor, Lightfields, Milkstains, Inter Arma, Positive NO, Stag Baron, The Awesome Few, New Turks, Faux Ferocious, Beasty, Black Masala, and The Taters.



      Ian Whalen


      Ian has been playing and recording music for over 15 years both in front of and behind "the glass" (also drywall, wood paneling and sometimes blankets thrown over mic stands).  He started off playing in numerous Richmond VA bands as a bass player/multi instrumentalist.  His experience as a writing and performing musician and a recording engineer give him a broad perspective on the entire process of recording and mixing music.  He has a unique ability to cultivate a relaxed environment that inspires great performances.  Ian has worked with bands and musicians of many styles but metal and rock seem to keep him busiest.

      Ian spends his free time with his special lady friend and two dogs (1 main dog and 1 auxiliary dog).  He is a safety enthusiast and has recently learned that a man, apparently, needs more than one pair of shoes.

      Ian Whalen has worked with Lamb of God (Sacrament, New American Gospel on Sony records), Tombs (Winter Hours on Relapse records), Rah Bras (WHOHM on Lovitt records), Alabama Thunderpussy (Open Fire on Relapse records) and many others.